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Weekly Angel Card Reading For February 28, 2014 – March 06, 2014

The card for this week, will be drawn using the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards.

This week’s card is:

“Simplify Your Life – Eliminate clutter from your home and work life to balance the flow of activities.


This card brings our attention to the profound power of simplicity. Just after I began writing this, I looked through the window for a moment, to see four lovely deer, peacefully eating from the grass, awash with grace. And such an example of the beauty of simplicity. Within the essence of simplicity, is profound presence. Presence is the basis of self-awareness, which is the basis of spiritual awareness. Within simplicity, spiritual truth can be richly experienced.

Your environment and it’s contents, can have an effect upon your mental and emotional states. Often clearing, cleaning and organizing your personal environment, can help release stagnant energy and allow room for the flow of creativity to emerge anew, ushering in new positive energy and blessings.

Notice the essence of simplicity all around you, for here exists beauty, grace, peace, tranquility, and profound truth in it’s presence, as well as a solid foundation for intense creative power and expression.

Thank you for viewing this week’s oracle card.

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Weekly Free Angel Reading For February 21, 2014 – February 27, 2014

This week’s card, will be drawn using the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards.

This week’s card is:

“Marriage – St. Catherine of Alexandria.

“This card can be a message about your present or future marriage. You have a spiritual destiny with a spouse who’s your soul mate. There’s a Heavenly purpose for you and this person to be together, and you are supposed to help one another grow and prosper.

This card can indicate that a soul-mate marital partner is currently in your life or will soon be appearing. If you want to manifest such a marriage, ask St. Catherine to help you attract and discern an appropriate partner.”


This card can suggest that there is a person already in your life (or that may be soon to appear in your life) that you share a spiritual soul mate relationship with. Spiritual Unity can show up in many forms, and “Marriage,” as an energy, can appear in your life in a variety of different forms. This can represent literal marriage with a romantic partner, it can appear as a time of greater closeness and unity involving a new (or current) relationship, and may also appear as the forming of a unity and partnership beyond the romantic context, such as in friendship, business, or even as an inner marriage within oneself on a higher level, where formerly fragmented aspects of one’s being, join together in a harmonious unification of the Self.

Whatever the case may be for you personally, this card can represent an experience of “unification” in some form taking place in your life.

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Weekly Free Angel Card Reading For February 14, 2014 – February 20, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The card for this week, will be drawn using the beautifully romantic Romance Angels Oracle Cards, and what an extra-special time as Valentine’s Day for guidance and inspiration from this lovely oracle.

This week’s card is:

“Heart-To-Heart Conversations – Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.


Whatever your present circumstances may entail, the Romance Angels are guiding you to honestly express your feelings. And what’s more, to express your feelings to that special someone… and your heart already knows exactly who that special someone is. This may be an actual romantic partner, someone you know within a romantic context, and it may also be pertaining to a love-relationship in your life of another “form,” such as a platonic or familial relationship where there is importance surrounding a need to lovingly express the truth of your honest feelings, as these relationships also involve love, and matters of the heart.

Either way, this card is guiding you that something needs to be said, that something needs to be expressed to someone of importance in your life, whatever role they may be filling, and showing up as, in your life.

Listen to your heart, and let it lead the way in guiding you as to how to best approach expressing your authentic feelings with this person, whatever your situation may be. Listen to your heart… Listen to your heart the way you’d pause to listen to a beautiful, enriching, uplifting birdsong of a long-awaited Spring, finally reemerging anew after a long winter. Listen to your heart in the same way you’d listen deeply with revitalizing presence of being, as a magical, refreshing, enchanting breeze swirls around you, captivating your senses with it’s serene transportation of your awareness to the timeless.

Listen to your heart. Pretty words? Perhaps. But don’t just hear them as pretty words while missing their deeper essence: Really do it, as when you authentically LISTEN, with active-listening, to your heart and it’s deeper, omnipresent whispers, this will connect you more deeply with your authentic feelings, and to your authentic truth, which you can then more freely express to those who need to hear what your heart has to say, and what your heart needs to share.

Remember as well, to actively-listen with the same depth and stillness of presence, to what the heart’s of others need also to express, share, and be heard by you.

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Weekly Angel Reading For February 07, 2014 – February 13, 2014

The card for this week, will be drawn using the Archangel Oracle Cards.

This week’s card is:

“Prosperity – Archangel Ariel: Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.


In essence, Prosperity is essence, it is a state of consciousness, a state of awareness, a state of being, it is the nature of “flow,” itself. Prosperity is the energy of abundance in motion.

This card can surface whenever new prosperity is on it’s way into your life. Prosperity can show up as financial blessings, such as blessings of increased money flow, and it can also show up in other forms as well. Prosperity can be defined as growth, and again, this can show up as financial growth, and also growth in other areas of life, such as an abundance of opportunity, or new growth in a creative project, as prosperity is an energy of “plenty,” flourishing forth.

Prosperity is the energy that springs flowers to life. The energy of prosperity carries within itself, a “blooming” effect.

This card can also appear as a message of guidance, that by allowing the natural essence of grace and “flow” into your life, this increases your ability to manifest prosperity and growth in your creative endeavors, thereby allowing prosperity to bless and enrich the growth of your heart’s desires into reality.

From the understanding of Spirituality as an all-encompassing essence that we are all a part of, an interconnection of unity, grace, and abundance from which all of our needs are met, we can better understand the essence of flow, and how allowing and enabling this flow can usher in beautiful and abundant blessings into our lives. Prosperity is a spring that flourishes forth from the ocean of abundance that is all around us, which is the very essence and nature of existence. So this card can also serve as a guide, that by aligning yourself with prosperity and grounded-flow, a richness of possibility begins to emerge for you to create and manifest your dreams into reality.

Your intuitive wisdom is a grounded-spaciousness, a space of openness that is innately connected to the infinite sea of abundance, and when you listen to your intuition, and follow it’s guidance, you are thereby opening the door for prosperity, in all it’s forms, to fill, enrich, and bless your life.

Thank you for viewing the angel message for this week.

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Weekly Free Angel Card Reading For January 31, 2014 – February 06, 2014

This week’s card will be drawn using the beautiful oracle card deck, “Magical Messages From The Fairies.” Fairies are considered to be “Nature Angels,” who are here so close all around us, and whose presence can be felt most strongly through our own grounding in Nature and the natural world. Fairies can sometimes be felt very strongly in wooded areas, or in areas with a lot of trees around. Even if you live in a city setting or an area that doesn’t have a lot of trees, flowers, or water around close by to you, you can still establish a connection with the Fairies by visiting a park, or through grounding yourself through the use of crystals/gemstones, or even through having potted flowers or real house plants around in your home, or even through physical touch/the direct physical sensation of wooded items in your home, such as some types of furniture, as one example.

This week’s card is:

“Be Yourself – This situation calls for you to be your authentic self, which is the basis for your personal power.


Whatever your present situation, the Fairies want you to know that by choosing the truth and honesty of your authentic self, that here you will find support to carry you through. If you are operating based upon who others want you to be, or who you think others expect you to be, your position can be weakened. Your position is strengthened considerably whenever you have the spiritual inner support of your authentic self supporting you. Your inner truth of who you are is your outer foundation in the world. Reclaim your personal power, which tends to flow more effortlessly whenever you are honoring who you are in your authentic core.

Thank you for reading this week’s angel message.

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