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Weekly Free Angel Reading For February 21, 2014 – February 27, 2014

This week’s card, will be drawn using the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards.

This week’s card is:

“Marriage – St. Catherine of Alexandria.

“This card can be a message about your present or future marriage. You have a spiritual destiny with a spouse who’s your soul mate. There’s a Heavenly purpose for you and this person to be together, and you are supposed to help one another grow and prosper.

This card can indicate that a soul-mate marital partner is currently in your life or will soon be appearing. If you want to manifest such a marriage, ask St. Catherine to help you attract and discern an appropriate partner.”


This card can suggest that there is a person already in your life (or that may be soon to appear in your life) that you share a spiritual soul mate relationship with. Spiritual Unity can show up in many forms, and “Marriage,” as an energy, can appear in your life in a variety of different forms. This can represent literal marriage with a romantic partner, it can appear as a time of greater closeness and unity involving a new (or current) relationship, and may also appear as the forming of a unity and partnership beyond the romantic context, such as in friendship, business, or even as an inner marriage within oneself on a higher level, where formerly fragmented aspects of one’s being, join together in a harmonious unification of the Self.

Whatever the case may be for you personally, this card can represent an experience of “unification” in some form taking place in your life.

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