Weekly Free Oracle Reading For April 18, 2014 – April 24, 2014

The card for this week will be drawn from the, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards.

This week’s card is:

“The Sun Dancers – Joyful Activity, Celebration of Life, Abundance.


“The Sun Dancers celebrate you now and remind you of the laws of success and praise. Anything you place your attention on will manifest an experience, so the laws are always perfect. Expect the best and praise it in advance. This unleashes the magic of mystical magnetic energy, drawing circumstances to you to create the reality you envision. Give thanks in advance for the grace and goodwill of the Divine. Be willing to dance the victory dance as if your greatest dreams are realized, and watch how easily things begin to fall into place. Stay positive and leave the timing up to the Divine. All things are possible now. Dance the joy of being, and celebrate your life and abundance today!”

Thank you for viewing this week’s oracle card.

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Weekly Oracle Reading For April 11, 2014 – April 17, 2014

This week’s oracle card will be drawn using the, Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards.

The oracle card for this week is:

“Peacock – Let yourself stand out and be noticed.


“It’s time to step forward and stop hiding behind any of the facades that you’ve developed over the years. Although these personas have been highly adaptive and have helped you along the way—for which you can be grateful—there’s more of you to express to the world, and it’s ready to emerge. There’s a certain safety and comfort in being inconspicuous and always staying in the background, yet in playing it safe in this way, others don’t have the opportunity to get to know who you really are, and you don’t get to experience the richness and textures that are possible by participating more fully in life. By remaining in the background, you not only alienate yourself from others, but often end up allowing others to choose for you. Doing so can make you feel like a passive victim of life.

So shed any guilt or shame about coming out with who you are. Wear more colorful clothing, sing, dance, and let others know your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. You can do so with grace, dignity, and enthusiasm—and you might even enjoy it!”

“Associations: Self-confidence, clairvoyance; sensitivity; healing; dignity; laughter; leadership; gracefulness; flamboyance; colorfulness; cheerfulness; radiance; attractiveness.”

Peacock’s are also largely known to be symbolic for Abundance, Prosperity, and Good Fortune, as well as representing portals into a new positive phase of life.

There is an abundance of good within you, and an abundance of “you” to be shared with the world. You are here for a reason, your inner goodness is a message to the world, and it is your time to shine.

Thank you for reading this week’s oracle card message.

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Weekly Free Angel Card Reading For April 04, 2014 – April 10, 2014

This week’s card will be drawn from the, Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards.

The card for this week is:

“Yvonne – You have a special bond with animals. Your pets on Earth and in Heaven are watched over by angels.


“Animals respond to your kind and gentle ways. You have a special understanding of them. You can relate to the innocence and trusting nature of animals, and you feel a call to help them. I am one of your guardian angels, and I am here to tell you of the beautiful ripple effect that your relationship with animals has created. Your love for animals has also forged a deep bond and appreciation with you and the nature angels.

All of the animals whom you have ever loved continue to be with you like guardian angels. Your love for them keeps these animals at your side forever. Your pets in Heaven are happy, spiritually healthy, and playful and affectionate. Your pets on Earth are surrounded by angels who bestow miracles upon you and them. In many ways, the animals act as angels for you and your loved ones. You are someone who truly appreciates the angelic qualities of animals. You are able to communicate wordlessly with these wondrous creatures, and your special bond with the animal kingdom is opening new doors for you right now.”

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Weekly Free Angel Reading For March 28, 2014 – April 03, 2014

The card for this week will be drawn using the, “Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards.”

The card for this week is:

“Problem Resolved – An issue that’s been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes. The solution is creative, ingenious, and is a joyous surprise for you.


“You’re on the cusp of experiencing welcome relief from a problem that’s been bothering you. The fairies want you to know that you have a reason to smile, as Heaven is working on a solution. Basically it’s a win-win for everyone. You’ll soon be receiving good news, such as the healing of a strained relationship, an unexpected financial resource, a resolved health issue, a happy addition to your home, a new career opportunity, or a romantic proposal. Please don’t strain to figure out “how” this solution will be achieved, or in what form it will manifest. Instead, let yourself enjoy feelings of excitement and gratitude as you allow Heaven to help you.”

There can be much wisdom and benefit in “allowing” the assistance and unfoldment of the Source of All Life, which has also flowered you to life, to help you with the situations of your life. The loving Life-Source, flowered your very existence into being, and it can flower open solutions for the problems in your life as well. Sometimes the mind can get in it’s own way, creating a stumbling block in between you and the solutions you’ve been looking for. When this happens, this can block off the helping and blessing energy of Source, it can present a self-imposed block that is blocking you off from receiving Heaven’s help, which can better reach you with solutions whenever you allow an open space to just be there, for Heaven’s help to flow in unimpeded.

This card is encouraging you to realize that better times are on their way. Allow this realization to soak deeply into your mind, accept it unconditionally, and allow that genuine space for Heaven’s help to pour in for you, flowering forth harmonious solutions, heartfelt blessings, and joyous surprises into your life.

Thank you for viewing the card for this week.

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Weekly Angel Card Reading For March 21, 2014 – March 27, 2014

This week’s Angel card will be drawn from the, Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards.

The card of the week is:

“Detoxification – Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for cleaning up my body, mind, and life so that I may happily and healthfully live free of chemicals.


Possible specific meanings for this card can include: Asking the angels to clear away negative energies – Releasing a toxic relationship or situation – Detoxifying your thoughts by becoming more positive and optimistic – Or avoiding unhealthy substances, and even household chemicals.

Overall, this card carries a message that there could be benefit received from a detoxification of some sort in your life, be it in regard to eating healthier, avoiding unhealthy substances/chemicals going into your body and your environment, and even in relation to your own thoughts: clearing away impurities of the mind and heart, suggesting that you look for ways to detox yourself of negativity, or negative thinking habits. Chronic pessimism can be one example of a negative habit of thought, it can largely effect the way you feel emotionally, and even be detrimental to your physical health as well.  So this card can offer a message of benefit that cleaning up your mind, heart, and body, and even environment, relationships, etc., can be healthy for you, bringing increased positive energy, vitality, and all around a lighter, happier, and more relaxed and optimistic sense of emotional wellbeing for you.

Thank you for reading this week’s message.

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Weekly Free Oracle Reading For March 14, 2014 – March 20, 2014

The card for this week, will be drawn using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

This week’s card is:

“Rainbow – Blessings.


“Rainbows symbolize many things, including good luck, a bridge to Heaven, and abundance. Although there are diverse meanings attributed to the sight of a rainbow, a common thread is that it offers blessings.”

Additional information for this card: “The storm has passed, and it is time to enjoy the refreshing beauty of this cycle, even though it has been difficult to appreciate any sense of purposefulness in what you have endured lately. You can now, as they say, count your blessings.”

This card can reflect different things, be it a message of hope and inspiration, an eluding for abundance and good luck on their way, or to even offer a message of comfort and reassurance from a loved one in spirit.  This card can many times surface after a challenging time has been endured and you’ve finally made it through the storm. Whatever your personal experiences, this shows that there have been blessings which have resulted from your experiences, even if these have been blessings of an unexpected sort, such as blessings in disguise, or blessings yet to be recognized, and that you can now look forward to new blessings soon to emerge for you, opening the door to a new and positive chapter in your life.

Thank you for reading this week’s message.

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Weekly Free Angel Reading For March 07, 2014 – March 13, 2014

This week’s card will be drawn from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards.

The card for this week is:

“Visualize Success – See yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome.”


Whatever your situation, whenever you choose to see and visualize yourself in a light of success, seeing yourself experiencing what you desire, this can hold great power in manifesting a positive outcome. It may not always seem true, but there is abundant creative power in your thoughts and feelings to influence your life and experiences, and we truly DO have a power of higher choice, that when tapped into, can make a powerful positive difference in our lives.

Choose to see yourself having what you desire, and it all being good, thereby opening the door to it’s realization, to “real-ize” it, to make it real for you.

Thank you for viewing the angel card for this week.

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